Rapid accurate data conversion
We were at the GEO Business Show!

MetiData was exhibiting at the GEO Business Show, the geospatial event on 24th - 25th May at the Business Design Centre in London.

Cutting edge scan-to-mesh services

The next generation of LiDAR scan-to-mesh technology is here. Using our MetiCloudTM engine, we can handle unprecedented amounts of data, automatically converting and aligning your scan data at lightning speeds.

The MetiCloud™ Engine

Developed for processing the large amount of data from LiDAR scans, our MetiCloudTM engine automatically processes and aligns the millions of points from the potentially thousands of files that a LiDAR scan produces. Without the traditional restrictions imposed by on-site processing, or the lengthy delays caused by manual alignment, the MetiCloudTM engine produces highly usable textured meshes quickly, accurately and at a manageable size to suit your application.

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