Adding the time dimension to processing your data.

About MetiData 3D

The UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board (now Innovate UK) agreed to sponsor a consortium of partners, including UCL, working on a £1.6M, 24 month 3D Cloud initiative. MetiData3D is a spin-off formed to take the resultant two years’ unique research and development to the market.

The explosion of big data capture technologies along with enhanced 3D imagery, has given rise to many challenges around the security, processing and analysis of data. MetiData3D offers innovative cloud based solutions to service providers, manufacturers and corporate users active within the wider big-data and 3D market.

MetiData3D provides a world-beating solution that reduces the time taken to generate textured meshes from 3D point-cloud LiDAR scans. We do this using innovative automatic registration and alignment algorithms, together with parallel processing of meshes and textures.

We produce accurate, textured meshes, without the errors of manual alignment, in a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods.