Introducing the MetiCloudTM engine.
3D data processing like no other.
The Scan

For us to work our magic, we need your data – usually in the form of a LiDAR scan.

If you already have the LiDAR scan files that’s great! We can get started straight away.

If your files are in a different format then please discuss with us and we can apply our conversion tools.

If you need a LiDAR scanning service then we can put you in touch with one of our trusted partners.

The Data

Your scan data will comprise lots of separate files. Sometimes thousands of files. Together the files will contain the millions of points that make up your subject.

As soon as we have your data we’ll get to work converting your files into a useful format.

MetiCloud uses pattern recognition technology to stitch the multiple files together, creating a single point cloud of the original subject matter.

The Point Cloud

With a single point cloud, we have a recognizable representation of the original subject. The next step is to make the millions or disparate points usable. In this current state, file sizes are too large and taking measurements is extremely difficult.

Our MetiCloudTM engine processes these points, converting the entire point cloud into a 3D mesh model.

Lots of the data will overlap and it will need to be aligned and cleaned. That’s what our MetiCloudTM engine does, quickly and accurately. We use advanced pattern recognition technology to detect overlaps and stitch the multiple files together into a single, autonomous point cloud of your subject. And we clean the data as we go, removing artefacts and noise.

MetiCloud processes these points, converting the entire point cloud into a 3D mesh model.

The Mesh

The conversion into a mesh model results in a significantly smaller file (up to 95% reduction), making the model usable in standard 3D applications. Useful information can now be drawn from the model that was otherwise unobtainable.

From the available data, we use our MetiCloudTM engine to apply textures to the 3D mesh model.

From the available data, we use MetiCloud to reapply textures to the 3D mesh model.

The Texture

With textures applied to the mesh, we can produce an accurate representation of the original scanned subject. This model can then be imported into other 3D applications as required.