We turn your LiDAR scans into usable, textured meshes; quickly and accurately
Bespoke 3D data services with another dimension; Time

We are 3D data specialists. Our technological expertise gives us the power to work with and process your data more quickly and with unprecedented accuracy.

The result of an extensive, government funded research project, MetiData3D offers bespoke 3D data services to customers requiring manipulation of their 3D data. Using our expertise and technology, including our MetiCloudTM engine, we can convert traditional LiDAR scans into 3D files that are accurate, usable and significantly more portable. And we can do so much more quickly than traditional methods, meaning that you can start to work with your data much earlier – potentially weeks earlier.

Our applications have covered engineering, architecture, research and entertainment industries. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with your data.

What we don't do

We’re not a scanning company and we don’t provide a scanning service. We do work with companies that provide scanning services, and we can convert data on their behalf, so if you need a scanning service as well then let us know and we’ll put in you in touch.

Once you’ve got your scan data then we provide the next step; turning that scan data into a usable textured mesh. We do it accurately and more quickly, utilising the most up to date processes.

Point cloud. Mesh. Texture
Taking the detailed scan data, comprising millions of points and thousands of files, we produce the intricate meshes that you need in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods. We can texture your mesh too and produce files that are thousands of times smaller – so you get the data you need, when you need it.
The Mesh

MetiCloud takes detailed scenes and produces intricate 3D meshes in a fraction of the time taken by other systems. Conversion to mesh can reduce file sizes by up to 1000%.